Originally a working-class neighbourhood, Bridgeland is now a lively, 
bustling inner-city community.

Bridgeland is one of Calgary’s oldest inner-city neighbourhoods, yet it retains its close-knit, small-town feel without losing its energy.

The community on the Bow just northeast of downtown hasn’t always been known as Bridgeland, but it’s always been bustling.

Back when the neighbourhood was originally settled in the late 19th century, Bridgeland was named Germantown due to the influx of Russo-German immigrants looking for an affordable place to live away from the city proper. Soon, Ukrainians, Poles and Italians also gathered in this area, and, as Germantown became more cosmopolitan and diverse by 1908, its name was changed to Bridgeland.

People have always flocked to the area and the growth isn’t stopping yet: new restaurants and condos continue to spring up in and around where the General Hospital once stood, making it a neighbourhood that’s perfect for experiencing both old charm and new trends.


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Bridgeland is bordered by Crescent Heights, Downtown, Refrew and the Bow River

YYC Airport: 25 minutes by car or 45 minutes by public transit
1st St Shops: 5 minutes walking
Downtown: 5 minutes by car or 15 minutes walking
Bow River Pathway: 5 minutes walking
Public transit is easy
River pathways are close by
Shopping & dining are close

The Bridgeland Riverside Community center offers a wide variety of things to including a beautiful park, playground and soccer field that overlooks the downtown core.

The Bow River pathway, downtown, C-Train, Riverside Community Center and groceries are all within minutes.

Bridgeland is one of Calgary’s oldest communities, but it’s experienced a lot of growth over the years.  You’ll find several new condo developments in the area and the old mixes with the new.

Hot Spots In Bridgeland

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