Springbank Hill which is situated in southwest quadrant of Calgary, is an excellent residential area.

The community in this area has gone through plenty of development in the past few years and therefore has developed into one of the largest communities in terms of area.

The residents of this community also get a great view of the Rocky Mountains, as well as the foothills, but maintain a good proximity to plenty of major roadways. The association here is very active, which comprises of a development committee. There are several events that are organized by the association every year.

Springbank Hill in Calgary is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the Calgary. This gated community provides custom homes to renters with great mountain views.

There are two golf courses nearby if you like to play this sport. Also just a 30 minute drive away is Bragg Creek which is very famous for hiking activities, you can also do cross-country skiing there, facilities for horseback riding and snowmobiling is also available. Just nearby are the areas of Elbow River and the Griffith Woods Park.

Crime rate is very low here and most of the crimes that usually take place in this community are of vandalism. There are very less incidents of any major crime that is being committed in this area. There are also incidents of car thefts that take place sometimes.

Hot Spots In Springbank Hill

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